Written by admin on Apr 17, 2011

CUMC Missions Program is comprised of many facets, including supporting international missionaries and projects, providing relief funds to other churches/communities in need, and sending mission teams to domestic and international locations to do various types of activities.

CUMC Missions Program is striving to build relationships with other parts of the Body of Christ outside our own walls. Our strategy to do this is to support missions and programs that:
-Train indigenous people to be Christian leaders in other countries.
-Contain outreach and evangelistic ministries.
-Contain ‘compassion ministries’ that provide relief to people and communities in need.

All of CUMC is encouraged to support the Missions Program in various ways including participating in a mission team by going on a trip or sponsoring a trip participant, support the missionaries we sponsor through prayer and direct communication, participating in local projects as they come up, and other financial support.

If you have questions about the CUMC Missions Program, click to contact Church Office.